Monthly Archives: November 2015

Study: No Downside To Eliminating Asperger’s Label

By MICHELLE DIAMENT November 5, 2015 When Asperger’s syndrome was dropped from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the change prompted concerns about increased stigma, but a new study finds those fears may be unfounded. In fact, researchers found that adults in the American general public appear to harbor no negative perceptions about a particular label...
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Does Pa. provide a ‘thorough and efficient’ education? A panel considers.

Last Monday, the National Constitution Center hosted a panel where four people actively involved in education policy discussed the role of the Pennsylvania constitution in improving access to quality public education. The discussion was framed around the contentious policy of “school choice,” which advocates the expansion of charters and magnet schools. The panel members debated how...
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What does the changing Pa. Supreme Court mean for education funding, charter schools?

The results of Tuesday's Pennsylvania Supreme Court election could have wide-ranging implications for a number of high-profile cases related to education issues in Pennsylvania. Three Democrats swept the open seats on the state's highest court – shifting the balance of power 5-to-2 in their favor when they assume the bench in January. Superior Court Judge Christine Donohue,...
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