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About Batchis Nestle & Reimann LLC

Welcome to The Special Education Law Group.

If you have landed on our website, you may need help securing your child’s education rights, or you may need counsel in securing your young adult child’s future through public benefits or a special needs trust, or guardianship.

You have come to the right place.

Leah, Jennifer and Nicole founded Batchis Nestle & Reimann, The Special Education Law Group to help children secure their educational rights and to help families navigate the many issues they face as their disabled child reaches adulthood.

We counsel children and their parents and litigate under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504 or the Rehabilitation Act, and other federal and state statutes and regulations educational rights of children.

We will advocate for you and your children and young adults. We will work with you to identify problems and solutions and will use our extensive experience to secure your child’s or young adult’s rights.

We are well-experienced and seasoned litigators. We are prepared to proceed to due process hearing, discipline hearing, truancy hearing and manifestation hearing. With that preparation, we seek creative solutions to complicated and sensitive issues that can be accomplished without full-blown litigation.

We also counsel families on the full range of public benefits available to them including Medicaid (Medical Assistance in Pennsylvania) and prepare powers of attorney, special needs trusts, living wills, as well as represent families in guardianship proceedings.

We collaborate and work closely with Courtney Donovan, an educational consultant with more than 40 years of experience and expertise as a special education teacher and advocate in Pennsylvania public schools.

We and Courtney get to know your child or young adult through careful review of reports, including psycho-educational, speech pathology, occupational therapy and transition plans.  We also get to know your child personally, to make sure that what we see on paper is reflective of your child's true needs.

As mothers and attorneys who have represented hundreds of children, young adults and their families, we bring a unique understanding to the practice of special education law and help young adults with transition to adulthood, including special interest trusts and public benefits and receivership.

About Batchis Nestle & Reimann LLC