Special Education Law



For decades, federal and state law has protected the rights of children with disabilities and their right to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

As the founding partners of The Special Education Law Group, we tirelessly advocate for our clients’ educational rights at all stages of their education. We vindicate our clients’ rights under federal and state education laws.

We help children get their early intervention needs met. We also advocate for students to get an appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan during elementary school, middle school and high school.  We advocate for gifted children to receive the enrichment activities they are entitled to under Pennsylvania law through a GIEP.  We are well-experienced in advocating for young adults in the very critical transition to independent living and post-secondary planning.

We protect your child’s educational rights whether at an IEP or 504 meeting or in an IDEA due process hearing.

Whether the issue is least restrictive environment (LRE), private placement, extended school year services (ESY), related services, supplementary aids and services, assistive technology or tuition reimbursement, we can help you and your child in developing creative solutions and negotiate with your school district to reach a resolution. If that fails, we can proceed to a due process hearing to vindicate your child’s special education rights in litigation.

Early Intervention Services

We represent children and students of all ages.  Under the IDEA and Pennsylvania law, children with special needs may be eligible for early intervention services starting at birth, as part of the 0-3 program.  In most Pennsylvania counties, it is the intermediate unit that is obligated to identify children who are eligible and provide those children with services. Children may continue to be eligible in the 3-5 program. We help our clients understand and advocate for their child’s right to early intervention. We also counsel our clients through the transition just before their toddler turns 3 from the 0-3 program to the 3-5 early intervention program at age 3. We also help our clients when their child is ready to transition to school-age programming, usually at age 5 or 6.

School-age Services

If your child qualifies for an IEP, he is or she is eligible to receive appropriate educational services from his or her school district or charter school from kindergarten to the age of 21, if needed.  We help students navigate the school system through the unique challenges of each level of schooling: from the foundational social and academic skills developed in elementary school, to the navigation of complex social dynamics and the increasing challenges of academic work of middle school, to the development of independence and self-advocacy in high school and beyond.


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