Thank you so much. I think that you & Courtney are special people to do what you do. You give our children a VOICE and for that I will be eternally grateful!


S.M., Delaware County, PA,

“You’ve been great to work with.  I had trepidations about getting a lawyer involved, I’m no doubt very glad that we decided to engage you.  Your guidance has always been even and well thought out, and you’ve been a great help to us through a trying time.  The outcome of this case is as good as I could have hoped.  Thank you for all of the hard work.”

D.C., Montgomery County, PA,

"Our son was on-grade level in reading and math, but he had no friends and was anxious about going to school.  We are so glad we found you.  You helped us advocate for an IEP and our son is now excited to go to school."


H.R., Philadelphia, PA,

"By the time I reached Leah and Courtney, my 9 year old son had been struggling for years and was beginning to fail classes. He had lost all confidence in himself.   He needed a different type of school setting and I was unable to push by myself to get him what he needed. Despite repeatedly trying to work with his school, things only became worse. Courtney attended meetings with me and helped me learn how to navigate the system to protect my son while Leah began working directly with his school district to find a solution.   To my son and our family, they were angels. My son is now in a school environment with teachers who understand how to work with him and believe in him.   I am watching his belief in himself slowly be restored. They found a solution that helped my son transition into a new world where his future is looking positive and bright. I am so grateful every day and would highly recommend Leah and Courtney to anyone who needs a strong advocate/legal team to help their child gain access to an education where he can be successful."

A.N., Special Education Case, Montgomery County,