"Courtney Donovan single-handedly helped bring under control the chaos we were dealing with in our school district and with our service providers.  Integrity, commitment, passion, energy, and intelligence are all characteristics that can be used to describe Courtney."

S.K., Special Education Advocacy, Delaware County,

"When we came to you, we just did not know what to do.  We were so confused and intimidated by the staff at my daughter's school.  You helped us understand our child's rights and to be better advocates for her.  We can't thank you enough."

J.T., Special Education, Bucks County,

"My son kept getting suspended from school.  Before we found you, I had no idea that the school district was obligated to test my son for special education and develop a behavior plan.  He is doing well now with 1:1 behavior support - so well that we will be reducing his support in the near future.  Thank you."

W.W., Lancaster County Special Education Client,