Due Process Litigation & Mediation

IDEA Due Process Litigation & Mediation

When it comes to due process litigation, the attorneys at Batchis & Nestle LLC are experienced litigators who know special education.  We will fight for your child’s educational rights at a hearing.  We also have significant experience in appellate litigation and are prepared to take your child’s case to federal court if necessary.

We also understand and can help guide you through the various mediation options available from the Pennsylvania Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR).


  • Due Process Litigation & Mediation

    Due Process Litigation & Mediation

    When it comes to due process, you want a lawyer who knows both education and litigation. Batchis Nestle &...

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  • Tuition Reimbursement

    Tuition Reimbursement

    Some children have educational needs that cannot be met by their school district or charter school. ...

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  • Compensatory Education

    Compensatory Education

    If your child’s school has failed to provide FAPE, you may have a claim for compensatory education, a fund that...

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  • Early Intervention Services

    Early Intervention Services

    Under the IDEA and Pennsylvania law, children with special needs may be eligible for early intervention services starting at birth,...

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  • School-Age Special Education Services

    School-Age Special Education Services

    We represent children and students of all ages, from elementary school, middle school, high school – through graduation or age...

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