A special education teacher for more than 30 years, as well as the mother of a deaf young man with autism, Courtney is uniquely qualified to help parents understand and advocate for their children's special education rights.

In her more than 30 years working in Pennsylvania public schools, Courtney taught students with learning, social and behavioral differences, participated as the district’s representative in thousands of IEP meetings and trained and mentored special education teachers. Courtney also chaired the behavior support committee, which designed positive interventions for students with significant behavioral needs and was responsible for developing, adopting and implementing all 504 contracts in her district.

Since retiring from public education in 2012, Courtney has advocated for children with disabilities, assisting hundreds of students in obtaining appropriate programs and placements to meet their needs in elementary, middle and high schools. Courtney is also active on a number of committees and boards that advocate for persons with disabilities and has been recognized for her years of advocacy including being selected to serve on boards and committees that address disability issues.

Courtney will get to know your child not only through careful analysis of reports, including psychoeducational, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and transition plans, but also personally. With this knowledge, she will assist in developing an IEP that ensures your child receives the free and appropriate education to which she or he is entitled.


Education, B.S. with Honors, Pennsylvania State University

Education, M.S., Gratz College

Pennsylvania Certification, Instruction II

Professional Activities

  • Founder and President of the board, Help Patrick Feed the Babies (organization to employ people with disabilities while fighting infant hunger)
  • Parent chair of the PA State Interagency Coordinating Committee
  • Co-chair of the Transition to Adulthood Committee, PA Autism Task Force
  • Member of the Waiver Committee, PA Autism Task Force
  • Initiated and member of the S.I.C.C. ad hoc committee for universal hearing screening for infants in PA
  • Founding member of the PA Action Coalition for Autism Services (P.A.C.A.S.)
  • Member of the Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) of the Bureau of special education, PA
  • Founding member of One Voice Coalition, an organization of leaders to foster communication between state systems and stakeholders in PA.
  • Haverford State hospital planning commission: representing people with disabilities

Honors and Appointments

  • Appointed to the Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) of the Bureau of Special Education, PA
  • Appointed to the Stakeholders Advisory Panel for the PA Dept. of Welfare
  • Appointed to the PA State Interagency Coordinating Committee
  • Evan Pugh Senior Scholar Award
  • Golden Key National Honor Society
  • Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society