Before joining Batchis Nestle & Reimann, Nicole was a partner at Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis in Philadelphia, where she was a commercial litigator for more than 25 years. Nicole is a highly skilled courtroom lawyer with extensive experience trying cases to verdict before judges and juries in federal and state court. Nicole also has extensive experience in mediation with great success in resolving matters through alternative dispute resolution and negotiated settlements.

Nicole has represented Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of matters, including insurance coverage, federal anti-trust violations, contract disputes, economic torts and personal injury.  As a result of these representations, Nicole brings a unique skill set to her practice, including a complete and detailed understanding of the procedural, evidentiary, and strategic components of each stage of litigation.

Nicole has been a child advocate for as long as she has been a commercial litigator. Throughout her career, Nicole has devoted thousands of hours to representing children through the Support Center for Child Advocates, including trying cases to verdict in Philadelphia dependency court and advocating for children in dependency court and in the juvenile justice system. Nicole has also handled civil rights cases for children in federal court.

The Support Center for Child Advocates recognized and honored Nicole for her efforts on behalf of children with its 2010 Distinguished Child Advocate Award. Additionally in 2015 Nicole received the Earl G. Harrison Award for distinguished pro bono service.

Nicole lives in Wayne with her daughters.